Canadian Politics

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Canadian Politics

Despite what many might believe, the political field in Canada is very simple. Many countries have complex and very long, drawn-out political affairs and it can become quite a bore but in Canada the system is far less complicated. It’s quite an impressive trait to say the least as it means more Canadian’s can vote and enjoy the contest also. So, how does the political system in the country work? Read on to find out more.

Strong UK

Ties For hundreds of years, Canada and the United Kingdom shared very close ties with one another. In fact, Britain once ruled Canada and even though the country had their own members of parliament, Queen Elizabeth II was the official monarch of Canada. Even today, she still remains the Queen but Canada has more control of its own parliament which is such an important element to say the least. Being able to have the majority voice within the country is important so that Canadian’s rule Canada as there are many issues closes to home only Canadian’s can decide over. However, despite Canada having its own parliament it still has quite strong ties to the UK. There is a very special relationship between Scots and Canadians and always will be.

Who Runs Canada?

Every four years, Canada elects a Prime Minister and he or she is the one to run the country. Canada works with a democratic system in order to select a candidate and the new PM. However, currently there are two major parties within the country; those are the Conservative and Liberal Parties. Both parties are the main stream parties but there are still many others that have a big say in Canada. The Bloc Quebecois and Green Party are also big factors in the political fray; so too the New Democratic Party. In terms of far-right politics, these are not often seen and haven’t really been a factor for many years and that makes Canada unique. In most countries, there are always right-wing views so it’s interesting to see how it works here. However, Canada is stable in terms of political views and that’s important.

The Big Divide

women in politicsCanada does have a divide almost between French and English quarters. However, Quebec has, in fact, got many party members who are looking to go for independence from Canada. You wouldn’t think such a large part of Canada would want to break-away from it but it’s quite a French-orientated region while the remaining part of the country is English speaking. Both English and French are official languages of the country, however. There have been pushes for independence but so far nothing has come from it but you don’t know where it’ll lead in the next ten years. get full reviews on

A Country worth Fighting For

Canada is a very beautiful country and it has come such a long way since its discovery. However, the political field hasn’t really changed an awful lot in recent years. Yes, the UK doesn’t have an overwhelming say in its proceedings but, even still, the political fray has been fairly quiet and almost reasonable between rival candidates. That might actually be a good thing, however, as it helps to keep contests clean and to the point.

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