Women in Politics

politics 19 Jun

Women in Politics

For decades there were very few women in politics throughout the world and even today there still remains fewer numbers than men. In truth, women are very much new to the political field and yet they are making a big impact to say the least. However, can woman in politics make any major differences? Aren’t all politicians the same? How can women make an impact on the political field? Read on to find the answer to these questions.

Rising Stars in Today’s World

To be honest, twenty or thirty years ago you wouldn’t have seen many women in the political scene; certainly none that were well recognized. However, Margaret Thatcher, the British MP became the UK’s first female Prime Minister and, since then, women in the UK have been a big political force and indeed the world. From Mary Robinson to Nicola Sturgeon there are now more females in the political scene and the numbers are increasing in the UK, US, and, indeed, Canada. It is so expected to see women in politics and they are making their mark for a variety of reasons.

Can Women In Politics Make Their Mark?

There already have been several politicians that have impacted the country and indeed the world in a major way and women are very much doing the same. It isn’t so much that they are women but the policies they bring and the way they proceed with their kind of politics. That is why more women are welcomed and in truth many women are bringing good and positive changes in many fields. Any politician, men or women can in fact make their mark on the political field as long as it’s for the best. That’s the most important factor. read more from http://gailshea.ca/canadian-politics/

What Does The Future Hold For Women In Politics?

politicsThere are many rising stars within the political field and within the next few years there are more females coming to the fray. In truth, women are interested in politics simply because they want their voice heard and to make a good contribution to their community and indeed the country. You might not think politics has a place for women but it does and in truth there are many positive changes to come from this. Canada can benefit from women politicians as long as they offer positive changes for the best.

The Ever Ongoing Power Struggle

Politics is a very dirty business and despite what many might believe, it’s a fierce world where anyone can win. You never truly who will win a content whether it’s the best candidate or the one people love the most. What is more, it doesn’t matter if a man goes up against a woman he is no more likely to become the winner. People want candidates who can bring change and who can offer them what they need. Sometimes, women politicians are more appealing to voters simply because they appear more trusting. This is what voters want and there are many female politicians who can deliver what they promise.

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